A Job Posting Is Copywriting

If you create a job posting and don’t see it as copywriting, you’re doing it wrong.

I recently met with an Entrepreneur who shared their frustration with the large number (400!) of resumes her team had to sift through for a Data Entry position they had open.

When I read the posting their challenge was clear.

The copy was sterile and sounded like most positions.

I asked her to share why she had started her company and who they serve, as though she were sharing with a friend she hadn’t seen in a long time.

What she shared was the essence of their culture and their journey as a company.

I told her to spend time putting together a short paragraph bringing that to life.

Today she shared that after making the changes we’d discussed she’d gone from 400 applicants to less than 200 and was interviewing 8 qualified applicants that she felt certain fit their mission and vision.

Each company has a beautiful and unique story and if you start your recruiting process by sharing it with candidates, your search starts with people who want to get behind that from the very start.

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