Can One Question Change Everything?

We each live within a frame, and that frame is defined by how big we dare to dream.

In November of 2009 I joined Arrow Electronics as an HR Coordinator.

In March of 2016 I was promoted to Director of Recruiting for North America.

I would be managing a $4.5M budget, overseeing more than 2,200 hires annually with a total span of control of 42 for Colorado’s largest corporate headquartered employer.

That promotion marked the realization of a dream that started more than six years earlier.

It was an incredible feeling.

Right around the fifth month in the role I started noticing this feeling of dread when Sunday evening rolled around and I thought of the week ahead.

At first I dismissed it, thinking it would go away.

It didn’t.

I was in my dream role, working for an incredible company surrounded by a team of awesome individuals.

What was wrong with me?!


I realized I had reached the top of my frame and was simply waking up each day hoping it wouldn’t all be taken away.

So I decided it was time to create a new frame, to choose a new game worth playing for life.

I also realized that I had reached the edge of my imagination, how was I supposed to dream and envision into the space I call “what I don’t know that I don’t know.”

I started thinking about it, and talking about it to those close to me.

I was discussing this with my husband one afternoon, for the 14th or 15th time when he asked…

…”what if you went into business for yourself?”

In that moment, possibility shifted from what I didn’t know I didn’t know, to what I knew I didn’t know.

(read that one again, it’s existentialism at it’s finest!)

Six months later I tendered my resignation, and started my journey as a solopreneur.

The power and impact of one question can be life-changing.

Would you like to explore what it looks like to build a bigger frame?

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