We think assumptions should be avoided yet we do it all the time, I explore “why” and how to move past it.


Breaking the Cycle of Email Follow Ups

It happened this morning. I realized my second follow-up email had been ignored.

Maybe it was the third. My mind searched for an explanation.

“They said they would but never really intended to.”

“I thought the meeting went well but must have gotten it wrong.”

“People are such jerks!”

We ALL experience this and…

– Let it go

– Think “better luck next time.”

– Blame ourselves for screwing something up (yet again).

In truth, the flow of email is endless…it never stops.

Email consumes more time than we are willing to admit.

We are overwhelmed with commitments, requests, and to-do’s. Maybe it’s not that our request/action wasn’t important to the other person.

Perhaps they are trying to keep their head above water.

Here’s something you can try: The next time your follow-up email goes unanswered, pick up the phone and call the person (or send them a text).

Don’t be surprised if Fear tries to tell a story about you being a pest or ‘pushy.’

Ignore Fear and tell the story about saving them from having to categorize and read yet another email.

Pretty cool right? (a win/win if you ask me.)

Does email consume you at times?

Has an important email slipped through the cracks despite your best intentions?

Would love to hear YOUR comments below.

People Don’t Leave Companies, They Leave You

People don’t leave companies, they leave you.

A friend reached out to request I let them know if I come across any positions.

“Are you unhappy with your job?” I asked.

“No! I love what I do and my work is fulfilling” she replied.

“Then why are you looking to make a change” I countered.

Her answer surprised me.

“I want to work for someone who inspires me and values my ideas…maybe even a mentor.”

Business books and consultants are fond of saying: ‘People leave people not companies.’

But what do managers and leaders really do to address this challenge?

In this crazy ride called life, every one of us wants to know we are valued.

We want to contribute and be appreciated.

Above all, we want to work WITH and FOR someone who inspires us along the way.

How do YOU inspire your team?