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My new mini-podcast series is now up!

Excited to share I’ve started a mini-podcast series on Chirp.

It’s called ‘Back to Me’ tagline: “change your story, change your experience”. 

It is my intention to experience life with Joy and in each episode, I explore the “stories” that move me away from Peace/Joy so that I can get “back to me”.

Check out my intro episode here.

My Top 5 Insights Over The Last Year of Being a Solo-preneur

If you are embarking on a journey to take on something new (position, company etc.) this video is for you.

Today marks one year since I left the corporate world to become a solopreneur.

In this video I share my top 5 insights that have served me the most, and I hope they serve you.

My Denver Startup Week People Highlights

I shared in an earlier post that the best part of #DenStartupWeek is the people – entrepreneurs, attendees, presenters, everyone!

From local honey made 100% by three siblings, to wood burning art by an eight-year-old and the creator of the Slut Survival kit, I met a cool variety of folks and share a little bit about them (and how you can support them).

Conversation with my Tuk-Tuk Driver at Denver Startup Week

The best part of Denver Startup Week is the people you meet!!

Awesome peeps are everywhere and it was great to chat with Louie, my tuk-tuk driver.

We chatted about his journey (and challenges) with the children’s book he’s written and I ended our chat by asking him to share his biggest insight from our conversation.

The Employee Life-Cycle Simplified

The employee life-cycle for businesses is quite simple:

  1. HIRE – You have a need to fill a position with the best available talent.
  2. RAMP – You have made your hire and you now need to onboard them so they have a roadmap for success in their new role.
  3. MANAGE – Setting expectations and goals to ensure they are doing their job.
  4. DEVELOP – You want to expand the individuals’ role and begin to grow them with the organization.
  5. TRANSITION – The employee isn’t working out and you need to manage them out of the organization.

‘How’ you navigate each of these is key to attracting, engaging and retaining employees that drive the organization forward.  #TalentMatters