Hiring Fast, Cheap or Good – You Can Only Pick Two

Hiring managers look for three attributes when engaging #recruiters.

They evaluate #recruiters based on Sourcing Speed, Candidate Quality, and Cost.

Most of the hiring managers I have worked with hope for someone who promises the Fastest Sourcing, the Best Candidates, at the Lowest Cost.

But as the old-timey sign I’ve seen hanging in gas stations reads: “We offer three kinds of services: Good, Fast, and Cheap (you get to pick two).”

– To set yourself up your recruiting relationships for success, determine what is most important to you and why.
– Do you need to move fast because the open position is a revenue-generating role?
– Do you need the highest quality candidates because the rest of the team is junior?
– Do you need lowest cost because budgets are tight?

Consider which two of the three are most valuable BEFORE engaging a recruiter to make your next hire.

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