How (And Why) I Relinquished My Desire To Be Liked

My husband and I spent this past weekend in Santa Fe, NM along with 18 other badass individuals as part of a weekend with a new community of coaches.

On Saturday evening we went to a property called Equis that does incredible work with horses.

We went on a journey to reconnect with our soul animal.

Unlike a spirit animal, your soul animal imprints to you for life.

At the end of that journey, everyone gathered outside in a circle around a bonfire for a ceremony.

We had each written a belief on a small piece of paper that we wanted to be free from, and that if free from it – would bring exponential freedom in life.

Each person took a turn giving the fire their belief, by tossing it into the bonfire.

My heart started racing a little as my turn grew close so I knew I was onto something good.

When my turn came I took a step forward and a deep breath and said:

“Hello fire. This evening I relinquish to you my desire to be liked.”

You see that belief often moves me away from my commitment to Peace and Joy in life.

Peace and Joy are a game worth playing for me.

I define Peace as neutrality of emotions, and Joy…well, I dig feeling it and taking delivery of it as an emotion.

The truth is throughout life people will like you and people will not like you, and it will have nothing to do with you.

While I will still enjoy being liked, by relinquishing my desire to be liked my experience (or story) of life is enriched and I’ll be in greater alignment with Peace.

(food for thought)

Consider what the game worth playing is for you…

…and what belief(s) derail you from that space.

Explore how things might be different if you gave up that belief.

How would you feel?

How might life be different?

And not just for you, but for those around you.

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