It Doesn’t Have To Be This Hard

I continue to love creating video content that’s roughly 5-minutes and have even started a course to take my video skills to the next level (says the over-achiever in me).

Today’s video is about a video I came across earlier today. In it, a handler guides a foal along a path to a horse-training area to meet its mom.

Along the path, the foal is bucking and being quite antsy. At one point, the handler lovingly says to the calf “it’s OK buddy, we’ll get there, it doesn’t have to be this hard”.

I was like “whoa” what a parallel for life!

What if we are all being guided, along the perfect path for our souls and it’s our bucking and kicking against the gentle guidance that creates the perception of life being “hard”?

I explore that insight in this video and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

And, if you ever want to explore how I help clients connect with this guidance, let me know and we can chat about it! 

Merry Christmas and/or happy holidays to you and yours!

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