Mastery is a Life-Long Practice

Six months ago, I left the (relative) safety of the corporate world to try and make it as a solo-preneur.

At least once each week I catch myself telling a story about how I’m “not getting it fast enough” or how I should be “farther along.”

Today I visited a glass blowing factory in #Murano Italy.

The men were all in their 30s and 40’s.

I asked Francesco (our guide) how long it takes to master their craft.

“Oh signora, a lifetime” he responded without hesitation.

“Some of these men spend their whole life as assistants…they hold only the tongs but never are allowed to blow the glass.”

He went to explain they begin their journey as early as 11 years old.

They were taught by their fathers and hope, someday, to pass their trade down to their sons.

I left Murano with two profound insights:

  1. Mastery does not happen overnight and…
  2. Even a lifetime of effort does not mean you are entitled to ‘blow the glass.’

Make sure you enjoy the journey!

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