Rejected Candidates Can Be a Wealth of Information

Don’t ignore candidates who self-withdraw in the recruiting process, they are a wealth of information.

I recently started a search for a client and was making swift progress with building the pipeline once we posted to LinkedIn.

I received an email from an applicant who shared they were withdrawing from the process. 

This happened about 5 more times over the next week or so.

I thought to myself “how can this be, I have such good traction on the pipeline?”

I decided to reach out to each applicant to inquire why.

The feedback was eye opening.

Reasons varied from getting another offer, deciding they wanted a more senior role and deciding to pause their search entirely.

This type of feedback is invaluable. In addition to learning their reason for withdrawing, most candidates volunteered who they went to work for and some even shared the amount they were offered.

As it turns out, a small investment of time provided market intelligence and rapid feedback on the effectiveness of our process.

When applicants self-withdraw from your hiring process, take the time to connect with them…you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how valuable the insights can be.

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