Stop Telling Candidates to Pause Their Job Search During the Holidays

Hey #Recruiters #CareerCoaches #Writers… Stop telling all candidates to pause their job search during the holidays.

In the last week alone I’ve read two articles that advised candidates to pause their job search through the holidays.

One suggested candidates sign up for volunteer work, and “save energy until after the 1st”.

It suggested they would “be positioned for a stronger start, come January”.

To suggest a job seeker slow down their job search is laughable.

There is no such thing as “a strong start after the new year”, that’s a lie. If you are in job search mode, don’t take your foot off the gas pedal.

If it takes 10 emails to get 2 coffee meetings, Do it. If you have to follow-up twice as much with recruiters, Do it.

Action beats inaction every day of the year!

I’ve worked at companies where hiring slows does towards the end of the year, but trust me…it never stops.

Just remember…

YOU choose what to believe and how much effort YOU expend to achieve YOUR desired outcome.

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