Thanks for the lesson, Mom

This article is a special story about my Mother.

This picture is her with her new car, a 2014 Nissan Murano with 42,300 miles, that SHE manifested.

She’s a living example that you can act WITH Fear and still get exactly what you want.

I made the decision to buy my mom a car a couple months ago. I needed a few months to come up with the full amount so during that time I enrolled her in the journey to find her perfect car.

I asked her to think about & visualize the make, model, year, color and miles she wanted for her PERFECT car – NOT her “good enough” car (too often we go for what we think we deserve vs what we want).

She said OK, and added “I’ve never done something like this before.” A lot of Fear showed up for her about the process, mostly about being taken advantage of by the salesperson.

So we took the intention-setting a step further. I asked her to think about & visualize her ideal sales person. What did he look like? How did he carry himself? How would he approach her at the dealership?

I asked her to write this all down and read it out loud each morning during the roughly two months I was manifesting the money for her car.

Each time we chatted and Fear would pop up, I’d listen and thank her for sharing it with me. I’d ask about her intention and she’d say “I’m reading my intention TWICE a day, not just once like you said.”

The day she signed all her paperwork she shared this story with her salesperson who looked up at the end and showed her the goosebumps on his arms.

This is her with her dream car, every last detail she asked for, with the added bonus that the average annual miles were 8,400 instead of 12,000.

Freedom with Fear is being aware to the Fear, understanding why it’s showing up and choosing to act anyway.

Update: I shared this article on Facebook 8/7 and as I re-read it before sharing it here, realized that yet another important layer of Fear was missing from it.

It was my Fear.

Not Fear about the money for the car, that part was rather simple.

It was Fear about approaching my mother with this idea to begin with.

My story was she wouldn’t get it, she’d deny my request or straight out tell me I was a nut job (I am, but I’m also damn proud of that).

So while this post remains truly about my mom, I sit with the lesson that it was MY Fear that almost didn’t make it happen. Thanks for the lesson, Mom.

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