The Case for Onboarding

“We recently hired a few folks and we’re struggling with their performance. It’s so frustrating.”

This is something I hear from clients quite often.

The solution is quite simple. 

No matter how skilled or experienced a new hire may be, they all need: 

– An Onboarding plan that outlines the vision (‘where’) of the company, their role, sets expectations and captures 30/60/90 day milestones.

– Their manager to walk them through the Onboarding plan and test for understanding. 

– Their manager to meet with them weekly (15-20 mins) for the first 90 days to support their integration into the business and manage to expectations set forth in the Onboarding plan.

– When something isn’t happening that should be (or vice versa), it’s discussed and another meeting is set to review progress.

– If you follow this process you know within 90 days if the new hire is working out or not.

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