The Freedom That Comes from Releasing Blame

“I’d love my job if it weren’t for my awful #boss.”

This is what my friend shared recently when I asked about her new #job.

“What’s weird” she continued, “I hate how I’m always judging him.”

My friend was caught in the ‘double-down trap.’

First she blamed her unhappiness on a situation (in this case her boss).

Then she added the layer of judging herself for blaming the person she believed was causing the situation.

My friend had ‘doubled-down.’

Peace is available when we stop blaming others for how we feel.

Yet how can we let go of blame ‘of another’ until we first let go of blame ‘of ourself?’

Acknowledging blame ‘of yourself’ allows you to accept this is a natural.

This gives you access to letting go of this self-blame.

From there, you have access to acknowledging and accepting your blame ‘of another.’

This, in turn, gives you access to letting go of blame.

Now you are Free and now you are at Peace.

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