The Recruiting Process is a Two-Way Street

Employers express frustration with their inability to attract talent but fail to realize (or even acknowledge) the recruiting process is a TWO-WAY vetting process.

A colleague recently shared how a top candidate declined their generous compensation package for a competitor’s lower offer.

The candidate went on to share how the interview process revealed the training and development they touted as a cultural value didn’t actually exist within the department she’d be joining.

Most companies narrowly approach recruiting as a means to vet candidates to select the best possible hire.

In this highly competitive market for talent, recruiting is actually a TWO-WAY process where the candidate gets to decide if you meet their criteria.

The next time a candidate says ’no thank you’ may represent an opportunity to ask some tough questions.

Does your recruiting process focuses on the candidate experience?

Do your hiring managers back up the image your company crafts on your website and sites like Glassdoor?

I’d love to hear from you…

Should companies approach the recruiting process as a two-way street?

Have you had a horrible ‘one-way’ experience?

Has a company’s hiring process ever impressed you? Leave your comments below.

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