What is the Journey: Coming Home?


I created the video above, along with the context below to share what the heck this Coming Home Journey is all about.  

But first, I want to dedicate this journey to the part of me that for so many years felt ashamed about the chapters of my story that forged me into who I am. To the part of me that hustled for external accomplishments and achievements in hope that it would allow me to feel worthy and to the souls whose lives will be touched by my Courage to share my story, boldly and authentically. 

Sometime last June I decided I wanted a big party for my fortieth anniversary with life, which is on the 16th of December. Last November I began to realize that my brain and my spirit had two very different things in mind. 

The Backstory
That realization became a little clearer on November 15th when I was a guest on my former coach Rich Litvin’s podcast: 1 Insight. You can catch the episode, here. I walked away with an unstoppable and profound sense of Purpose that somehow each chapter of my story served a Purpose versus being something to be ashamed of.

On January 13th I made a quick post on Instagram to declare my intention of owning who and how I am – and while I didn’t know how it would all come together, I knew that it would be impactful. 

That intention would prove to be simple, but not easy.

Between January and this June, the Universe was hard at work to help me realize that intention. I thought revealing myself and owning who and how I am would be this beautiful and elegant journey. 

It was not. 

All I saw was how often not me showed up to the world. How often I held back and hid my true self from the world. I wasn’t even showing what others thought I should be, I was showing up as the person I thought, others thought I should be. HUH?!?!

It stung. It was hard to sit with that inauthenticity. Hard, but necessary.

So I started to reflect and journal about my story. I began to see that the more I owned it, the less of a hold it had on me.

In May, a friend shared with me a concept called a ‘Birthday Journey’, where you create and ideate with friends/family and across social a series of adventures leading up towards your anniversary with life. I was SO in!

Your Invitation
For the next six months, I will be on this Birthday Adventure Journey.

This is the page I have created with the timeline for my Birthday Journey.  It will be updated regularly and contains the logistical details of the journey.

If you feel nudged to check it out and have any ideas, suggestions, or connections for me, I would be honored.

Or, you could simply follow along as I will post about the journey on Facebook and here on my blog.

This is a journey of Coming Home – to myself, and the essence of who I have always been. 

With All My Love…