You are driven and you've always worked hard for your many accomplishments in both your personal and professional life.

You're at a place in your career that LOOKS great to those around you, and it's where you've always wanted to be yet despite all that, something doesn't FEEL right - like there's something missing you can't quite pin.

You’ve gotten pretty good at the outer game of life, but know there is also an inner game component that you are feeling called to explore even more than you have before.  You want the look AND the feel of success. 

You want to show up to the world authentically and have an impact and enjoy the ride along the way, stress and worry less but you don't know how. 

If you are ready to explore the business and spiritual guidance (I'm talking the deep transformative work, not burning sage and wearing a mala necklace) required to create your business and life in a new way, then we should talk.


Most people know me as a former Director of Recruiting for N. America at an $18B corporation. In a company of 17,000 employees, we were hiring 2,500 people a year.

I’ve been a high-performer my whole life, and I’ve always aimed two levels higher than everyone thought I should be able to play. ​

The dark secret I carry is that as a child, I always wanted to get it right. So, part of my success is driven by a deep fear that I won’t get it right. 

I’m known for incredible compassion, and I see the spark inside of people and draw out something really magical from them.

I’ve learned that when you define how success feels and own your power from a place of wholeness, your outer world and each relationship in it is transformed. 

I surround myself by, and learn from some of the best coaches on the planet. I've invested in coaches, programs and experiences since 2013 and have been "doing the work" since 2014". I am a former member of 4PC, Rich Litvin's private community of extraordinary coaches. 


If you are a leader who wants to reimagine what's possible for your life because you feel trapped on the hamster wheel of your success, then you and I should have a conversation.

If you’re someone who’s always shot for two levels above where everyone else says you should play, then you and I should have a conversation.

If you're someone who is ambitious and  knows in your heart there has to be a better way to go about being in the world, one where your inner experience is as fulfilling as your outer world, then you and I should have a conversation because when people spend time with me, they make the impossible possible and their lives change forever.

You can email me at [email protected]

Not ready to talk just yet, below are a few ways we can stay connected:

"Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure." ~Tony Robbins



Director at College Track

Luisa facilitated a thought-provoking seminar on “How Metrics and Measurements Change HR’s Relationship with the Business.”  I was so intrigued by her outlook and approach to business that I pursued her expertise as a mentor, and then later as a coach.

It was immediately apparent that Luisa exemplified the passion, intention, intuition and skill for coaching that I needed in order to turn an important page in my professional career.   Luisa challenged me to believe in myself, dream big and do something about it.

Because of our work together I am more equipped to achieve my potential with joy and courage... especially in the face of adversity.  I sing Luisa’s praise from the highest of mountaintops! 


Lead Educational Counselor

In a few short months of working with Luisa, I have seen myself change from an unsure individual to someone who is fully confident in who she is.

I am currently in a transition phase in my life and Luisa has helped and challenged me to create the life I envision, and deserve for myself. She has helped shift my mentality from "starting over" to "evolving".

She operates with incredible thoughtfulness, is an intelligent thought partner, and has a zest like no other! I am so grateful for Luisa and even more grateful that she is able to share her talents with others. I highly recommend working with her!


Director, Strategic Alliances at GuidePoint Security

I worked for a company for several decades and I knew I needed to make a change.  I needed help defining my true passion and motivation, and applying that to my job search.  

Through some intense coaching sessions and being pushed to believe beyond my current limitations, I was able to create a blueprint of what I wanted in my next opportunity, and for my life.

While it was uncomfortable at times to be pushed to create my life a year from the day we spoke and all that I would achieve, once I embraced the work and had a clearer picture of who I was, that created the energetic space for an opportunity with an amazing company!


Clerk of Court

I started working with Luisa after many failed starts and stops on my own journey to find a new career. I quickly realized that my journey with Luisa was going to both bring me more personal growth than I had experienced in the last several years, while also opening my eyes to what a journey in seeking a new career path would look like.

To grow confident and stronger in the direction of your dreams and to be at peace when you get there, you must first start with the foundation or all the work you do will be built on something that could crack or break at any moment. Luisa was the key in rebuilding my foundation; in helping me discover what drives me, my strengths and weaknesses. My work with Luisa was emotional, draining, frustrating, invigorating, exciting and the best gift I have given myself in a very long time.

If you are seeking a genuine journey and to be a better version of yourself, this is where you start.  I am very grateful for my time with Luisa and look forward to all the ways our paths will cross again in the future.


Luisa Molano is a certified professional coach, author, spiritual guide, and speaker aflame with the spirit of exploration.  She spent seventeen years in the corporate world, twelve of those in Human Resources working for Sage Software and Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 131 company. In 2016 she was selected to join the inaugural class of the Colorado Governor’s Fellowship Program, a year-long leadership program to prepare leaders to apply their innovative skills and experiences toward solving the state’s most challenging issues. 

In 2017 she left the corporate world to launch her own consulting and coaching business. As a consultant, she serves as a guide to Founders of companies between $2-$10M who need the systems and processes to get the right people in the door to fuel organizational growth. As a  coach, she serves leaders who want to reimagine and accelerate their leadership potential and fulfill their career aspirations while finding greater satisfaction in the work they do.  Her business is based on the premise that addressing both inner and outer performance is the key to lasting change.

Luisa is certified through CTEDU and the International Coaching Federation. She's trained with some of the top teachers in the world, including Michael Neil, internationally renowned transformative coach and the best-selling author of six books and five-time NY Times bestselling author, and master coach and co-author of The Prosperous Coach Rich Litvin.

As a speaker, she's had gigs with SHRM, Entrepreneur’s Organization, and has spoken for two years to CU Boulder's MBA Management & Entrepreneurship class. In 2019 she spoke to a group of Entrepreneurs at Innosphere, Colorado's leading science and technology incubator, accelerating the success of high-impact startup and scale-up companies and most recently led training to 119 female leaders from across the country.

Her community work includes various volunteer and mentor opportunities for organizations such as Uncharted, CivicCO, and College Track and she'd served on the board for the Latinas First Foundation. 

Luisa, her husband and her Morkie Jax have recently embarked in a year-long adventure to travel and work remotely across the US. She currently lives in St. Petersburg, FL and lives daily into her highest values of Inner Peace, Commitment, Courage, Simplicity and Fun.


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